Saturday, 4 April 2009

Queen Elizabeth Country Park - Butser Hill

Today we have been for a lovely long walk over Butser Hill, near Petersfield, which is part of the South Downs Way. It has been a beautiful, warm sunny day here and we have walked for miles!!

Hannah spent a lot of the walk collecting sheeps wool from the trees, hedges and fences, which we are going to attempt to wash and spin, and she also found some hazel nuts which had survived the winter uneaten.

The views from the top of Butser were amazing, so we stopped for a picnic and enjoyed the sounds of bird song.

On her way up the hill.
Looking down the valley, towards Petersfield.
Wait for me Daddy!!!!
Having a rest at the top.
The ordnance survey point on top of Butser.
Picnic stop..........
I like it this much mummy :-)
Hannah with some of her wool

The hazel nuts she found

More wool collecting


Gina said...

I'm so happy I can keep up to date with you through your blog :) It's lovely to see regular pics of Hannah.

Beautiful photos, I love Hannah's hat! Really glad to see that Dean looks well too.
How are you all?

Lots of Love Gina xxx

Rae said...

What beautiful photos - you look so happy enjoying the spring weather.
Good luck with the sheeps wool too; I wonder what you will make; any ideas yet?

Susie said...

Hi Gina, glad you like the blog, i should have done it ages ago!! I bought Hannah that hat on the way out yesterday - she has a collection of funky hats now :-)
Dean is having another op on wednesday (umbilical hernia!!) but he has recovered really well from the last one :-)
I look at your blog everyday too, and Hannah is always on there looking to see what Mia is upto!!
Love and hugs, S xxx

Susie said...

Hello Rae, thanks for the good luck wishes, i'm going to need them as Hannah has decided she wants to make an actual sheep :-/ if we manage it i'll post pictures!!
September x

Rae said...

A sheep! That will be a lot of fun :D I can't wait to see the photos.