Wednesday, 27 January 2010

HMS Warrior KS1 Workshop

Today Hannah and i spent the day on HMS Warrior in Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard on 2 Victorian Times workshops. 

Hannah attended the workshops with 19 other home educated children age 4 - 7 and learnt about life as a Victorian sailor and Victorian toys.

The day started with a story about a cat called Jess who lived on The Warrior, the children then went on a hunt around the ship looking for Jess's kitten's who were all named after things they could find on board (Hammock, Mess, Cannon, Bell, Chain) and finally Jess in the galley! 

Next they dressed up in Victorian costume and thought about the jobs the sailors would have done on the ship, and how they would have lived.

After a break for lunch we went back to learn about Victorian toys, and how they were designed to teach morals, manners and good behaviour, before finally making some toys of our own to take home and playing some Victorian games such as 'Farmers in the den'. Hannah thoroughly enjoyed the day and really learned a lot. She was very interested and involved in the group and it was lovely to see her gaining confidence in group and workshop situations.

Finding Hammock the kitten

and Cannon!
Making replica hard dough biscuits
Dressing up as Victorian ladies.
Victorian girls toys
trying out the climbing sailor
Team work!!
Farmer's in his den - Hannah was very pleased to be called in as his wife :-)
Listening to a talk about how toys were used to promote good behaviour
Playing with the toys they made.
Exploring the ship afterwards.
Up on Deck again!
There's a good view from here!!
Sorry for the terrible picture quality, my phone wasn't quite up to the dark conditions but hopefully you can get the general idea of our day.

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Fiona said...

What an incredible day out. It all looks wonderful.