Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Our Super Fun Snow Day

The snow was still here this morning, and even better it was still coming down thick and fast, so what did we do?? Went out in it of course!! We were out for 4 hours, and visited all the parks we could walk to, ending up on Castle field on Southsea seafront. The field has a really high bank around it - perfect for sledding. Hannah decided that it was much too snowy to actually walk today so i towed her along in the sled all day - i've hopefully managed to shift a few pounds as it was REALLY hard work!!

In the local park near our house
Climbing on snow covered rocks.
Outside our church (this is how Hannah got everywhere today!!)
Albert Road with thick snow falling.
Wimbledon Park is a white wonderland.

Snow Angels

Next we stopped in a cafe for lunch and to change Hannah into dry clothes before finally getting to the seafront.

Southsea Common

Castle Field was very popular with sledders!!
Coming down the bank
Going up it
Going down again - imagine this scene repeated about 200 times in the next 2 hours!!
On the beach 
A frozen Canoe Lake
And finally, these two friendly snowmen were hanging out at the tennis club on the way home :-)


See Jamie blog said...

Oh, I wish we had some snow like that to play in! A bit is predicted tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath! Any prediction of even a few flakes tends to make folks spaz out around here (in Georgia)!

Fiona said...

Wow Hannnah, it looks wonderful! So pleased you got some proper snow and had a good time playing in it.

lynn said...

awww that looks like fun! We stayed in all day....must make sure we have a sled for next time it snows!