Saturday, 2 January 2010

A Frosty January Day

Today was a lovely sunny, frosty day, so Hannah and i went to Victoria Park to meet Hannah's oldest friend Coral. The girls first met at a playgroup when they were babies, and although Coral now goes to school, we make sure they catch up every holiday.

They had a wonderful time playing in the trees and on the wooden playground , collecting bits of bark and sliding around in the frosty grass. Afterwards we all went to a coffee shop to warm up with hot chocolate and the girls made each other friendship cards to keep until we meet up again at half term.

There's nothing like a hug!

Playing in the trees
Making their cards
On monday we are going back to having a loose weekly timetable of some lessons each morning, and activities in the afternoon - at Hannah's request. She has missed having a purpose and feels happier with some structure to her day - i guess she's just doesn't have an unschooling personality!

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