Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Music Lessons

One of Hannah's Christmas presents from Grandad and Granny Heather (my dad and step-mum) was this beautiful keyboard. 

Hannah loves music and has been wanting to learn an instrument for a while now so she was thrilled to receive such a great present. We arranged that my mum (who plays piano) would come over once a week to give Hannah a lesson and do some music theory with her, and her first lesson was today. 

Hannah absolutely loved it!! She has already mastered the beginning of 'Lavender's Blue' and has practiced it all afternoon to play to daddy tonight, and she has been reading the theory notes that Grandma wrote for her as well.

Grandma explaining the written music.
Learning which fingers play which notes.
Concentrating hard.

Her music and theory to practice for next week.

After her lesson Hannah wanted to do some singing, so grandma played some songs that Hannah knew and Hannah sang along with her - i think she may have some musical theatre in her future!!

Hannah would like to say a really big THANK YOU to grandad and granny Heather for giving her the keyboard and she is really looking forward to playing for you next time you visit.

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