Saturday, 30 January 2010

Yesterday Hannah spent her first whole day away from me ever!! She went over to her grandma's house in the morning and we picked her up last night at 7 PM. She had a wonderful day! She took her keyboard with her so that grandma could give her her piano lesson, she did lots of dancing, drawing, playing and socialising with the other people who live nearby. My mum lives in a sheltered housing complex and runs the social club that they hold in the communal lounge, so Hannah helped her with the coffee afternoon and chatted to all the elderly ladies that came along.  

Here are a couple of pictures grandma managed to snap of her during the day.

Playing with her Fifi and the Flowertots play set.

Dancing, apparently she danced for so long that grandma got tired just watching her!!
Today we have set her up with her own email account, and she has been practising writing email's and reading replies. Her spelling of the bigger words is more phonetic than accurate, but she is definitely getting there and I've been able to decipher all the misspelled words - for example she emailed me earlier to ask if we could go to 'Pooltins Parc' (Paultons Park) !! 


Rae said...

Awww (((HUGS))) to both of you - what a long day! So glad it went ok for Hannah and she enjoyed herself with her Grandma; but what about Mum - how did you get on without your girl, September?
It's such a big step, isn't it?

Susie said...

Ahh Rae, i was so busy the time flew by - Dean was off work so we had a major wardrobe / bedroom sort out and recycled 7 sacks of old clothes and linen. I was so pleased to see her when we picked her up though :-)