Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Today in pictures

Today's reading book - Hannah is really enjoying these Reading Corner books and is able to read them completely without help now.

Practicing on her new Keyboard that she got for Christmas from Granny and Grandad. She will be having lessons from Grandma now that the snow has cleared and she can get to us.

Two journal entries, the first one says ' When i grow up i want to be a lady farmer'

Hannah did this Nature sticker workbook.

And we read her Usbourne 'First Nature' book.

She played this afternoon with her lovely new farm.

and finally painted daddy's face when he came home!! Apparently he is a smiley cat!!!

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Rae said...

Love your Daddy's cat face, Hannah - he looks so colourful. It looks like you've had a busy day with all your reading, writing and musical activities. Is the snow melting for you now?