Thursday, 7 January 2010

An Indoor Day

After all the snow fun yesterday, the snow and slush froze solid last night and today remained very cold so we decided not to brave the elements and to have a quiet indoor day instead.

Hannah did some lesson type things first, and did some more from Education City - she is really enjoying that website and is especially interested in doing the science lessons.

Then she built one of her many playhouses. She is always setting up houses and dens, but rather than use her pop up play tents, she always chooses to design them herself using chairs, blankets, cushions, tables...................or anything else she can pursued us to let her use!! So this afternoon has been very peaceful, Hannah has been reading her books and playing with her Christmas toys in her house, she has had snacks and drinks in there and is currently wondering if she might sleep there tonight!!!

Nearly finished

reading 'Berenstain Bears Go To Sunday School' - Berenstain Bears books are a big favourite!
Playing :-)
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