Sunday, 25 April 2010

Another Riding Lesson

Hannah enjoyed another lovely riding lesson today. She is doing so well, and has gained so much confidence with her new instructor. She is also (really importantly) learning to care for the horses as well as just ride.

Today she caught Chunk from his field, groomed him and tacked up,
and then had her first ever road ride. The field is a mile away from the yard, and the bridleway was shut so she had to ride him on the road to the yard to use the school.
Once in the school Hannah rode quite confidently off of the lunge rein for the first time, and was very pleased that she was able to control Chunk and have him listen to her aids.

Then she started trotting over trotting poles on the lunge, doing rising and sitting trot alternately. This was 'super exciting' according to Hannah!!!
Finally she finished with a bit more 'off lunge' riding, and then rode back along the roads to the field.
After riding Hannah and i visited my Godmother who lives in the farmhouse and Hannah spent a happy hour playing with her German Shepherd and Terrier dogs in the garden.

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