Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sunflowers and Fun with Claire

On Sunday Hannah was given this sunflower seedling, and was told it should grow to over 7 feet tall. She found this quite astonishing, and started asking all sorts of questions such as how 'fast will it grow' and 'will it be taller than daddy', so today she decided to keep a chart of it's weekly growth.

She has very carefully measured the sunflower today using string and a ruler, and it is 6cm tall. Watch out for regular updates over the spring and summer!!

This afternoon Hannah's tutor Claire came. Claire is lovely and Hannah really looks forward to seeing her. She brings a fresh approach and a new learning experience to our homeschooling and Hannah is enjoying every minute of their time together.

Hannah and Claire with today's reading book ' If I Were Boss'
Hannah thinks writing on the white board is 'very fun' !!

Rhyming Words
Playing 'Silly Sentances' which according to Hannah is really, really good and everyone should buy it!!


Fiona said...

Silly sentences looks like fun. Thanks for the recommendation Hannah!
And I think the idea of a tutor is fantastic. What a great addition to your home schooling.

Michelle said...

i always love seeing your school days!

See Jamie blog said...

What a great idea to keep a chart of the sunflower's growth. :)