Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Nature Walk On Portsdown Hill

We have had a gorgeous nature walk today with our home education group. It was led by a friend of mine who volunteered to take us out as he knows the area well, and is a very knowledgeable wildlife enthusiast. The children found animal tracks, a badger set, rabbit burrows, wildflowers and were treated to a picnic lunch around a fire by a stream. It was a fantastic experience for us all.

Hawthorn just flowering.
Deer Tracks

Badgers Sett

Second Entrance To Badgers Sett
The badgers have dragged the hay you can see in this picture from a field nearby to use as bedding in the sett.

Lesser Celandine


Badger Hair from a fence across one of their runs.

Into The Woods

Roger teaches the children how to light a fire safely.

Hannah adds wood to the fire.
Nice and Warm (later they toasted nettles on the fire)
Roger lost his hat temporarily!! Happy Face!
A woodpeckers Hole.
Badger Tracks

Fox Tracks Violets in the Sunshine (the sun did finally come out!!)
We walked for 3 hours in total and learnt so much, and the children really appreciated the natural life all around them and totally immersed themselves in the experience. We can't wait for the next nature walk now :-)


Elizabeth (My Reading World) said...

That sounded like a wonderful nature walk!!

Michelle said...

wow what an awesome nature walk! looks like she learned bunches {i must be honest i did too just reading ha!}