Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Home Education Group - All About Me

This week the children began the session by talking about themselves. They shared baby photo's, found out the meanings of their name's and discovered why they were named those names. Hannah found out that her name is Hebrew and means God's Grace, and I told her how I had chosen her name after being inspired by the biography of Hannah Hawkswell who is a Dales farmer (google her, she is amazing!!).
For their craft this week the children all started to learn cross-stitch embroidery, and began making themselves bookmarks.
Hannah found it quite tricky as she has yet to master the art of patience, but she did get the hang of it in the end and quite enjoyed what she did.

After the session we all picnicked in the park in the sunshine, and the children had a wonderful time playing an elaborate game of chase and climbing trees. Hannah certainly had fresh air and exercise today!!!

The little ones were trying to catch the older one, who managed to escape by climbing high up into the tree!!
This picture is of the little ones planning tactics to bring him down!!
Hannah loved every minute of today and made new friends that she is really looking forward to seeing again soon.

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Rae said...

What a lovely day. I LOVE hannah Hawkwell; she is amazing and such an inspiration. I remember watching her documentary and being blown away by what she achieved. I found it so sad when she moved from her old farm house to a modern town house...