Friday, 30 April 2010

Home Education Group - Play Meet

Hannah has had the best afternoon!! We had a play meet at a new playground near Canoe Lake which was really good fun.The playground has hills and tunnels, water sprinklers, a zip wire and wooden climbing frames. There is so much more to it than i managed to take pictures of, but i got chatting to some of the other parents and forgot all about photographing......oops!! The water sprinklers seemed to be Hannah's favourite part! Despite the fact that we didn't have any spare clothes, Hannah still spent most of the afternoon in the water! She actually went home in a shirt that another mum had bought for herself and kindly lent to us for the trip home (thank you Claire)!

I did get some pictures of Hannah on the zip wire, i really wanted a go myself but it didn't seem quite the done thing - i'll go back and sneak a ride when it's quieter ;-)

What a great way to spend a friday afternoon :-)

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