Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Weekend

We have had a lovely Easter weekend! It started on friday with a visit from Grandad and Granny who visited us for lunch on their way to Spain, then we decorated our spring table and made it all Easter like!

On saturday Hannah sorted out her spring creatures and wrote a letter to The Easter Bunny. She also went to Staunton farm with her daddy and visited her paternal grandparents.

'Dear Easter Bunny, my basket is in the playroom. Love from Hannah'

The easter bunny came :-) He left her organic chocolate and organic jelly bears, plasticine, colouring pens, a rose quartz egg and a lovely china tea set. I didn't actually take many photo's as we were rushing around getting ready for Easter dinner at my mum's house, but i did take a picture of the butterfly she drew with her new pens.....................

............and a caterpillar and seal she made with the plasticine.

At my mum's Hannah did an easter egg hunt around her garden, and then found a chocolate egg and a chick in her dinner glass at the table.

Finally, yesterday we spent a beautiful day with our friends Gina, Ash, Mia, Tarka and Willow. They made a lovely lunch for us, and Hannah had a brilliant time playing with the children.

Here she is rearranging the garden with Mia!

Thank you for a lovely day Gina xxxx


Rae said...

What a lovely sounding weekend. Those hedgehogs are adorable and I love hannah's butterfly pic. Our caterpillars are now hanging by threads, so will become chrysallis soon :)

Woolly Wanderer said...

What a lovely weekend, you're lucky living near to Gina, Ash and co!!
Thanks to your suggestion weeks ago, I managed to find two local HE groups via yahoo for our family to attend. They are great fun and are already a source of friendship and encouragement.
San xx