Monday, 19 April 2010

A Day Spent With Good Friends

Today we have spent a lovely day with our friends. We started with a play and some breakfast at our house, and then went out for a delicious lunch followed by a trip to Canoe Lake in Southsea.
The children had a really fun time in the sand pit and playground, they built castles, dug holes and buried legs and hands in sand before moving on to ........... .....a ride on a swan boat!! There was a lot of hopping on and off, changing seats, and chasing a ball floating on the lake!! Luckily Emma and I sat peacefully on the shore watching all this so a big thanks to Steve for doing all the peddling - Hannah thought it was fantastic!!

On Canoe Lake they also have Wave Walkers. They are giant inflatable plastic balls and you bounce around on the lake inside them. Of course Hannah and Ben HAD to have a go, and really enjoyed themselves!
Here's Hannah ready to be launched.

Synchronised tumbling!

crawling back to shore - apparently it's quite hard work
On the way home the children found some good climbing trees - how cute are they!!

Thank you Emma and Steve for coming over and for such a great day out :-)


Fiona said...

Those balls are just about the most amazing ting I have ever seen! Both my girls were bouncing on my lap and begging for a go!
Go Hannah!
And September, where are the photos of you in one??

Susie said...

Ahh, Fiona - i was soooo tempted, they are brilliant!!

Dawn said...

Oh, those wave balls look like great fun. Do they have them there all the time? Might have to take a visit sometime ... for my daughter of course ;-)

Susie said...

Of course Dawn lol! They are there all summer and are really fun !!

Pakdhe Jolobiyo said...

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