Sunday, 16 May 2010

Bluebell Woods

Hannah had a riding lesson this morning, and on the way home we stopped at these beautiful bluebell woods in Denmead. There had been a lot of forestry work going on in the wood, and there were lots of branches laying around, so Hannah begged us to help her build a den. It was really fun!!

She loved collecting the branches and the den ended up much bigger than we expected!!

Hannah stopped for a rest in the half built den with her ever present bear and sheepdog for company...............
.....................before setting off for more branches!

She found this perfect 'fairy door' high up in a tree with a branch pathway leading up to it and made us promise to go back next week with gifts for the fairies :-)

and had a lovely time exploring all the woodland paths through the bluebells.
Finally we worked our way back to the den (now completed), and Hannah made us

a make believe dinner over her camp fire before heading back to the carpark.
On the way back to the car we came across these huge wooden play tunnels in a clearing in the wood! They were fantastic and Hannah was delighted!

All around the area there were big logs laying around which were obviously put there for balancing on, so there was a bit more playing before we actually arrived at the car lol.
It's been a lovely day :-)

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Fiona said...

It looks like an amazing places, those bluebells are divine (I miss bluebells), and Hannah's den is wonderful! Well done Hannah.