Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Paper Shoes and Park Play

Today at home ed group the children continued on their 'All About Portsmouth' theme by sharing information on famous people who had been born, or had lived here. Hannah told the group all about Bobby Stokes who scored the winning goal in the 1976 FA cup final (her dad new him when he was a little boy), Oscar told us about King Henry VIII who built Southsea Castle,Daisy shared some interesting facts about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and Remmy told us about John Pound. As John Pound was a cobbler the children's craft was to make paper shoes.
Hannah made some simple Birkenstock style shoes. And then modelled them!
Afterwards we went to the park for some fun and exercise - here is Hannah's dad getting lots of exercise pushing the (very heavy) basket swing!

and Hannah enjoying it!!


Rae said...

I just LOVE those shoes! I think you should send them to Birkenstock as a template ;)

Glad you've had a lovely time playing in the sunshine :)

Headhuntress said...

Ooooh, where is that park? The swing looks like lots of fun. xxx

Michelle said...

the basket swing looks like loads of fun!!