Friday, 28 May 2010

Manor Farm Birthday Trip

On wednesday we went to Manor Farm for Hannah's 6th birthday. She had a fantastic time!
She met the new calves, Fed the ducklings,

and the chickens.

We saw this mother sparrow feeding her chick.

Petted the piglets which were running around the farm,

and Hannah got up close and friendly with the chickens!!

After lunch we joined the small animal handling, and Hannah held a baby rabbit, a chick and a duckling.

When she told the farmer that it was her birthday she showed Hannah a chick that was only one hour old, and another which was just hatching. Hannah saw the chick pecking at the shell and heard it cheeping.

We visited the Victorian School House and Hannah dressed up as a victorian child.

She tried out the classroom,

and then played some traditional games in the schoolyard.

Finally she went back to the dairy to watch the milking, try her hand at hand milking, and bottle feed the calves.

Happy Birthday Hannah, i'm so proud of you and love you so much baby xxxx


Dawn said...

Great day! Happy Birthday Hannah.

Imogen fed the calves a couple of weeks ago - they are very keen aren't they? We're going back this weekend too.

Tamsyn said...

Awe - what a special day! Looks like a great place! Is it local?