Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Home Schooling Group

At our home schooling group this month the children are looking at the history of their city. Today they found out about the city's 'Coat Of Arms', and then had a try at designing their own. Hannah wanted to make one for a pony club (of course!!).

Afterwards we looked at some street maps of our city dating back to the 1890's and discussed how our houses and homes have changed since those times. The children talked about the things they have now which wouldn't have been available to the people who lived in our houses in the past, such as heating, bathrooms, televisions and electic lights.
On friday we are going to the City Museum to explore how things have changed even further.

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Rae said...

Oh goodness; that coat of arms is fantastic - the horse is brilliant. Wonderful stuff and such an interesting topic too. I'm inspired to give this a go with Verona :)