Saturday, 15 May 2010

Portsmouth City Museum and Tutoring.

Yesterday we visited Portsmouth City Museum with our home ed group. Hannah and i arrived early, so we (she) spent some time dancing around the totem pole, exploring the 1920's telephone kiosk, playing under the cherry trees,

and climbing the other trees!!
Once the rest of the group arrived we went off to the 1st floor to look at 'The Story Of Portsmouth' exibition.

The 'Portsmouth at Play' gallery starts with the development of Southsea as a seaside resort, featuring posters, memorabilia of seaside holidays and working historic amusement machines from the pier arcades. Other sections cover the history of the football club, sport, pubs, theatres, cinemas, coffee bars and ice cream parlours including a booth from Verrechia's, Portsmouth's most popular ice cream parlour from the 1930's to the 1960's. The display also includes archive film of Southsea, seaside holidays, fairs, the circus and other leisure activities from the 1930's through to the 1960's.

'Living in Portsmouth' looks back at life in the home with reconstruction of a 17th - century bedchamber, a 19th - century dockyard worker's kitchen, a Victorian parlour, a 1930's kitchen, and a 1950's living room.

Hannah wasn't very keen on being inside the museum, and found the waxworks people very off putting, so afterwards we bought cake and hot chocolate from the tea rooms, and sat outside in the gardens where the children ran around and played in the sunshine.
Once we were home Hannah's tutor arrived and Hannah had a fun hour reading, writing, playing word games and working on the computer with her.
She really looks forward to seeing her tutor each week, and learns so much in that hour - her progress has far outdone my expectations and i love seeing how proud Hannah is to show me all that they have covered together. Thank you Claire for being a fantastic tutor :-)

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claire said...

thank you for your lovely comments. I really look forward to seeig Hannah on a Friday, and to our chats afterwards (not sure Hannah feels the same about that part!!)