Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Crystal Energies at Home Ed Group

One of the parents at home ed group is a crystal healer, and today she told the children all about crystal energy and healing.
The children found out which crystals were used for different ailments. Hannah helped to demonstrate the chakra's and relating crystals.

Then the children tried it out by placing crystals on to a brave mum who volunteered as the patient.

They loved it!And were very pleased with the results.

Hannah was very interested in the crystals and their powers, and has asked if we can learn some more about them at home - i'm really looking forward to it :-)
Thank you very much Diane, it was a lovely session.


Joxy said...

Ok, I want to come to your Home Ed group!

Looks brilliant :-)

windingcirclelifeschool said...

That would have been an interesting group:)A lot of children are drawn to crystals!

Dawn said...

Lovely, and crystals are alays nice to hold and gaze at.
I once did a colour and crystal healing course and still now remember to use some for healing.

lovely x