Thursday, 28 October 2010

Our first tv free day

Today our TV service was cancelled, we are now tv free!! Hannah was a little worried this morning about what she would do, and told me she was sure she wouldn't be able to think of anything. I had no doubt that she would find plenty to do and it turned out that i was right lol!!
First of all the Season Table got a nice fresh overhaul - you'll have to trust me that it looks lovely, my camera flash is broken and all my pictures are coming out dull and grainy, sorry!

Then Hannah did some painting. She had read about finger painting in one of her art books and was keen to try it, she painted a pig,

some finger people,
and a fluffy lamb!
Then she used her felt pens to draw a tree from seed to fully grown.
This afternoon we did some clay modelling, and Hannah made this lovely little fairy,
and helped me to make an acorn and a toadstool. They are drying now and will hopefully look really pretty once they are painted.

So, Hannah did find lots to do after all, and not having a huge tv taking up half of our (very small) lounge room is wonderful (and after all, there's always i-player if we get desperate!)
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