Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Just Us

If you're anything like me you'll understand where i'm coming from when I say that sometimes I just need to try something new in order to figure out that what I was already doing was pretty good for us!!

Take homeschooling for instance - i have read so much about so many different styles, and they all sound so exciting and so much better, so we make some changes, try to incorporate the new latest idea into what we're doing and what happens??? We end up returning to the exact same style we started with!!

So anyway, this week we have actually 'homeschooled', and have spent time working on the lessons we used to do (I think I need to face it, we're just not a radically unschooling, classically educating or even a montessori following family, we're just us - doing regular lessons, lots of exploring, lots of play and finding our way together (i know, i know any of you could have told me that months ago, but i got there in the end!)).

Since today was our first whole day at home for ages it was wonderful to just catch up with ourselves and re establish some kind of at home routine. We did Hannah's lessons around the table again and she read her next reading book and did a few pages from her manuscript writing book,

She finished a maths work book that we'd started ages ago - yaay!!

And did some more of the Blueberries for Sal lapbook that we also started ages ago!! Hannah was really excited to be working on her lapbook again and said she really enjoyed herself today, and i did too! It's been a good day, and now i'm off to supervise bathtime as Dean has arrived home with 10 boxes of Tinti
for Hannah that he found on offer, and she can't wait to have a bright red crackling, popping bath lol - i do hope the bathroom survives!!
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