Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fairy Looms, Music and Movement

Today at our home ed group the children made fairy looms! All you need to make a fairy loom is a forked branch, some wool and some bits to decorate with! First weave the wool across the fork to make a framework, and then decorate with anything you like - Hannah chose some fabric flowers, leaves and twinkly beads, but some of the others chose fallen leaves, acorns, fircones and feathers. They all looked beautiful!
Next there was free play in the adventure playground, followed by a children's meeting. We wanted the children to come up with a list of fun activities they would like to do together, and what a list we had!!
Finally, we finished with music and movement led by a volunteer mum. Hannah had a brilliant time being a frog, a mermaid and learning a new dance routine.

Next week we are preparing for Halloween :-)


Arlenkern74(cornish mummy) said...

Thank you for the inspiration we have made these today too x

Susie said...

:-) they are really fun aren't they!