Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Final Forest School

Today was the last session of Forest school and the children learnt all about painting with natural ingredients. They experimented with berries, charcoal, dry earth, leaves, beetroot and chalk and then painted a canvas to take home.

While the paintings dried they went on a woodland walk to collect leaves, twigs, acorns and anything else they could find, and brought them back to make some clay creatures.

Hannah made a rabbit, and hedgehog and an ant!!

After the session we all went down to a lovely new adventure playground to burn off some energy and Hannah had a wonderful time on the zip wire, swings and climbing equipment in the gorgeous (but chilly) sunshine.


Fiona said...

The clay creations are lovely - what a fabulous idea.
So was the forest school just a few sessions, or does it continue on? It seems a lovely idea, and although quite different from the ones here, I think any activity that gets the kids enjoying being outside is so worthwhile.

Maybe you need to set up a permanent forest school of your own!

gaia said...

Hmmm, it's me, Rae - don't know why I'm coming up as Gaia LOL! Maybe it's a message from the Universe :D

gaia said...

what a wonderful time you've had. Sounds like another great day with this meeting. I love the creations they have made!