Friday, 1 October 2010

October 1st

Well October has arrived in a very wet and windy way today! So the first thing Hannah and i did today was to make some lovely homemade vegetable soup and some bread. Our bread machine is broken so we had to make the bread by hand which was a lot of fun and made the kitchen smell lovely! After lunch Hannah really wanted to go out and splash in puddles so we waterproofed up and walked to the cemetary. It's actually a lovely place for a walk!

It rained so hard that most of my pictures are water blurred, but Hannah had a wonderful time!

She collected conkers, lots of lovely coloured fallen leaves and some seeds for the season table while she played, and loved opening the horse chestnut shells to find the treasures inside.

After kicking this puddle all over me in her enthusiasm she said ' i know i'm getting you all wet but it's really lots of fun' - she was right, it really was lots of fun!!

Eventually, when i had no dry patches left anywhere, we walked home past the crystal shop where Hannah spent her pocket money on some little treasures to take home.
It's been a lovely start to October :-)

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windingcirclelifeschool said...

Even on the gloomiest of days children can remind us that there is so much fun to be had, if we just make the effort to get out there.