Saturday, 12 February 2011

Another Riding Lesson

Last summer Hannah won a voucher for riding lessons at a riding school in Fareham. Being super absent minded i put the voucher away safely and didn't find it again until last week ......ooops!! Anyway, luckily when i rang them they were happy for her to have the lessons even at this late date, so today she went for her first one. She rode with a group of older children in a hour lesson, and really enjoyed it. She loved riding a different pony, and although she was very nervous, she rode really nicely.

As riding pictures are all very much the same, i took a little bit of video today, so here she is riding at Roshauna Riding School.

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Michelle said...

awww look at her! my girls would love to take riding lessons. they were able to ride a couple months back and had the best time

Michelle {}