Friday, 4 February 2011

A Riding Lesson

Hannah was really excited when she woke up this morning. Firstly the tooth fairy had visited again (that's 5 teeth lost now!) and secondly, she had her first riding lesson this year booked.

It was cold and very, very windy, so she rode in the indoor school. It was her first lesson riding with a bit (in the pony's mouth - her lessons last year were bitless) and she was a little nervous as she was worried she would hurt his mouth, but she did really well!

The school was enormous so the pictures aren't very good, but she was riding off of the lead rein and was able to walk and trot, change direction and stop by the end of the lesson.

She loved it! Her pony, Shaley, was very sweet and her instructor gave her lots of confidence. Hannah really enjoyed riding in this more traditional way and has asked (well begged!!) to have more lessons there!

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