Monday, 7 February 2011

Home School Allotment Group

Today was the first of our new monthly sessions at the Local Community Allotment. Hannah has been really looking forward to today, and even the windy rainy weather didn't damped her spirits.
Her new wellies (which i had to order after her feet grew overnight) arrived just in time for the new group, and a picture was taken of them while the background was still cream!!

When we arrived at the allotment we were shown the new ecodome and polytunnels, and then the children all set out on a bug hunt.

Digging for worms was a VERY popular event and after quite a reserved start they all piled into the earth and played in it!

Next it was time to go into the polytunnel to plant up some broad bean seeds,
before doing some more digging and some sweeping.

One polytunnel had lots of lettuces ready, so the children were all able to pick some to take home with them.
The lady who runs the allotment told Hannah and her friends all about the herbs that were growing in raised beds,
and showed them some of the interesting things they had discovered while making the beds including a Victorian bottle top, a glass ball from a pouring bottle and a 1940's glass medicine bottle.
The group was really lovely, and the children were all excited to be there and keen to help out with all the jobs that needed to be done. Hannah is already looking forward to the next session.
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