Thursday, 10 February 2011

HMS Victory Tour and Workshop

In Portsmouth we are lucky enough to have a historical dockyard which houses HMS Victory, as well as The Warrior and the remains of The Mary Rose. Yesterday we joined a local home education group on a tour of The Victory, followed by a "Victory Shipmates" workshop and a tour of the museum. The children all learnt simple navigation including using a compass and working out latitude and longitude, knot tying and sending signals, and were able to dress up in traditional navy costumes and discover first-hand what life was like in Nelson’s Navy. It was a really interesting day (and also a little scary going below decks on The Victory) and Hannah loved the workshop - especially studying the globe, locating the oceans, and spelling her name in flags!

Unfortunately photo's were prohibited on board The Victory, but i did get some pictures of the rest of the day.

Waiting to go on board!
Doing The Victory treasure hunt with her friend Amelie.

The girls were very pleased that they answered all the clues in the quiz!
Hannah's 'Flag Your Name' worksheet.
Learning compass skills.
writing her thoughts on the diet of Nelson's crew.
The victory museum.

Learning about signal flags.

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