Friday, 18 February 2011

Learning and Playing

This week Hannah has been reading 'Can We Keep It Dad' which she chose in the library on monday. She has read a few chapters (they are very short) every day and is really begining to love reading.

She has been practising her addition and subtraction,
Learning about the calendar,
and has started multiplication and division.
She can remember her 2, 10 and almost all of her 5 times tables and is using her tables chart and cuisinaire rods to work out simple problems.

She has also been playing with her friends at Baffins Pond,

and with her doll Lanie in the sandpit at Canoe Lake. She pushed her there in her doll pram and showed her all the sights on the way :-)
Lanie had fun too!!!!

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claire said...

I'm so glad Hannah is enjoying reading. By the looks of the books she is choosing, all her hard work has really paid off.
Claire xxx