Saturday, 26 February 2011

Our Week In Pictures

This past week has been a school holiday here in Portsmouth, so we have spent much of the week catching up with Hannah's friends who go to school, and also treating ourselves to a fun day out on friday when Dean had a day off of work.

Hannah's week started with a birthday pizza party for one of her friends from the homeschool group.
Followed by a trip to the park.
She met her oldest friend for lunch on wednesday and had a lovely walk in Victoria park and a play in the playground there.

On thursday she caught up with her friend Esme and enjoyed a session at a soft play centre, a really long walk, a play on the beach and a picnic!

And on friday Dean was home from work so we all went shopping to Southampton. We had lunch in Ikea, bought Hannah new shoes and tights in John Lewis, looked around the shops and the absolute highlight for Hannah.........................a trip to Build A Bear!! Hannah was so excited she couldn't even eat breakfast!! She has been saving her pocket money to buy clothes for her rabbit, and Dean and i also treated her to a new bear and some extra bear clothes as well!
Hannah and her Build A Bear friends are very happy :-)

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