Friday, 4 March 2011

Book Group - The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage

This month our book was 'The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage' By Enid Blyton. Hannah loved it! She was totally captivated by the story, and has been playing at being a 'Find-Outer' for weeks while we have read not only that story, but the next two in the series as well.

When it came to book group on tuesday she was so, so tired after staying with friends since sunday that she just couldn't find the energy to join in with the main activities. She was disappointed to miss them so we are going to try secret writing and clue reading at home; but she did liven up enough to play Find-Outers with her friends Melissa and Oscar, looking for footprints in the sandpit and searching for a mystery to solve, so she still had a lovely time :-)

I see alot more Enid Blyon in our future as her stories really appeal to Hannah :-)

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