Monday, 21 March 2011

Allotment Group and A Rainbows Badge

What a gorgeous day it was today, just perfect for going to our allotment group!
Today the children made bird scarers for the fruit trees, went bug hunting for slugs and snails, and helped to tidy up one of our group members allotments.

The fruit tree area
Daffodils outside the ecodome
Some of the bird scarers
flying in the breeze
hunting for slugs
Hannah found some daisies and wanted to make a daisy chain,

The broad beans are doing well,
and Hannah's pea has started to shoot.
Beautiful Hyacinths
watering the salad in the poly tunnel
cutting grass and collecting the cuttings
The allotment group has been such a success, Hannah really, really loves it and is learning such a lot from being there.

Finally today Hannah had her Rainbows meeting, and was very excited to come home with another badge :o)

Well done Hannah xxx

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Yes I am crazy said...

Just wait till she's a Brownie and can pick and choose which badges to earn. Be warned, if she likes the idea of earning badges then the 'normal' size sash fills up very fast!