Friday, 4 March 2011

Wild Play At Hundred Acre Woods

Yesterday we got together with 4 other families from our home ed group and went for a wild play in Hundred Acre Woods, near Wickham.
It was a really cold, but beautifully sunny day and Hannah and i had never been to this particular part of the wood before. There is a natural playground there with a huge sand area, teepees, a tree house, a tower in the woods and lots of balancing bridges and pathways. The children had a wonderful time exploring, jumping in mud, climbing and running. We had a picnic in the sunshine (lentil and veggie soup and hot chocolate to beat the chill!), and then the older children wanted to go for a woodland walk. So Hannah and i, and two other families went off to explore the woodland - we found fallen trees to play on, a stream, lots of mud, a woodpecker hole and a branch den to play in.
It was a lovely, lovely day!

Princess in the tower

Three intrepid explorers right at the bottom of the hill

a secret hiding place
and the woodpecker hole we found!

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Jessica said...

You guys have some of the most beautiful natural areas we have seen.Thanks for sharing the photos, they leave the adults in this house dreaming of what may be in the future.(esp hubby...he is obsessed with the uk!)