Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Visit To Staunton Farm

Today Hannah and i have been to Staunton Farm in Havant with some of our homeschooling friends. We've been getting together as often as possible on a thursday and taking the children out of the city, or doing something outdoorsy within the city and just really letting them run, explore and get some fresh air.

Today they fed the animals, explored the hothouse and pond, played in the maze and bottle fed a little two week old kid in the lambing barn.
Feeding the deer.

How cute is this little goat?

This is the little kid they fed.

Hannah really loved him and was thrilled that she had been able to feed him.

The rabbits had an enclosed hill with tunnels and burrows through it to give them a natural environment.

The youngest kid at the farm, he was born on sunday!

Hannah - you can just see how happy she is to be there :-)

This Angorra goat was so friendly, and one of the mum's thought she looked like Noddy Holder from Slade, so i had to take a picture!

A Bird of Paradise flowering in the hothouse.

Checking out the pond.

Fish spotting!

Exploring the tropical plants in the hothouse.

We really had a nice day today, we even ate our picnic lunch out in the sunshine surrounded by hens and peacocks! We'd like to say a special thank you to Donna for driving us, we really appreciate it :-)
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