Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thursday Fun

Another lovely day today and this time it was a trip to the beach with some homeschooling friends!

We met in a playground on the common and had a play there (well Hannah did - i just recovered from the bike ride there!!), before heading across to the beach. Hannah was very happy to be on the beach she loves it!

She even braved the chilly sea for a little while for a spot of paddling,

before tucking into her picnic lunch.

The next hour or two were taken up with shell seeking! The children collected a big tub full, and put plenty in the bike trailer too. It's amazing how they never tire of shells, we have literally hundreds at home but every new shell is just as exciting and special as the very first one.........i love that :-)

After the beach we all parted company and i cycled Hannah along to the other end of the seafront for an ice-cream break, before visiting another playground on the way home. Hannah was feeling very proud on the way home as she was finally brave enough to go head first down the slide, she's been wanting to do that for ages!!
And finally, a snapshot of the bike and trailer especially for Woolywanderer!! Sorry it's not an action shot but it's very difficult to photograph yourself cycling along lol! I'll get Hannah's daddy to run along next to us with a camera one day ;-)
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