Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Knights and Princesses At Home Ed Group

Our theme for this weeks group session was Knights and Princess, and Hannah was really looking forward to it. She was so excited that we actually arrived 35 mins early to our session and the adventure playground wasn't even open yet!

So we waited!!
And finally got inside - and Hannah unpacked all our materials ready for the craft in super quick time, she really couldn't wait to get started!
We began by reading the story of 'Herb The Vegetarian Dragon' to set the scene for the crafts,
and then set about painting a giant group dragon to hang outside. One of the wooden play structures is a castle, so we had to have a dragon!.
Then it was time to make princess crowns, necklaces, rings and swords.

Hannah wrote 'i love me' on her crown :-)
Once all the crafts were done we had lunch and a play session. It was a beautiful mild day and so nice to sit in the sun watching the children run around.
We finished the session by hanging the dragon outside so that the children could rescue 'Princess Sarah' (see her blog here) from his fiery wrath - although i'm pretty sure Jack thought it more fun to slay his mum than the dragon lol!!

Another fun filled day with our homeschooling friends :-)
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