Friday, 18 March 2011

Natural History Museum Visit

Yesterday we met some of our fellow home edders at the Natural History Museum in Southsea for some exploring.

Hannah was really excited to go there with her friends, even though we have been many times before.

The children all really loved the aquariums and spent ages watching the fish and spotting waterbugs.

Hannah and her friend Melissa discovered a display of hives and i found them having a lovely chat about the differences in the hives of bees and wasps!

Hannah was really interested in the dinosaur display for the first time on this visit.
and the Ice Age display as well. She has found both of these a little scary in the past.
And finally we arrived at her very favourite section - British Wildlife.

This area has lots of British wildlife floor puzzles for the children to do as well, this one was a meadow in summer.

We had a lovely visit, and Hannah learned a lot of new things about our world!

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