Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday Bits and Pieces

Today has been all about baking bread and felting!

We have a lovely book called 'Baking Bread With Children', and today we made the Harvest Spelt Loaf. It is yummy, in fact it was half eaten by the time i managed to take the picture! We have saved a bit for lunch tomorrow though!

Hannah did a great job of measuring the ingredients, and kneading the dough!
We also did needle felting and wet felting. I made Hannah a funky fairy for the season table,
and she wet and needle felted this cute multi coloured ball (sorry for the blurry picture!).
We also made some root veg soup for lunch tomorrow to have with our bread. It's been a lovely homey sort of day.


Claire, Roger and The Boy. said...

Hannah looks so grown up in those photos!

Devonmama said...

That book looks very good, been considering it for a while Susie, you've convinced me to get it now :) Hannah's felting is excellent! xx