Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Adventure Club - Parachutes for Eggs

Our Home Ed group's tuesday session is now called Adventure Club, as some of us thought it was about time we gave it a name!
Today it was Book Group and the children had read ' The Foxbusters' by Dick King-Smith. At least most of them had! Hannah only managed the first chapter and then declared it too sad, scary and horrible after Mr Fox ate a chicken!!

So, on to the activity, and Sarah had brought in an egg challenge for the children - to construct a parachute which would safely land a raw egg launched from the roof of the building! And they didn't do too badly!

They split into teams, and Hannah was with her friends Melissa and Oliver.

Here they are planning their materials.

Hannah tying the parachute strings.
The finished Parachute!
Then we launched them from the roof!!
This is Hannah, Melissa and Oliver's egg after landing - much less damage than i expected, it was just cracked at the top.
Then it was time to try our bouncy eggs. We had hard boiled this egg over the weekend, and soaked it in vinegar for two days. The vinegar reacted with the shell and made the egg bouncy!!

After the group finished Hannah and i went to Victoria Park in the sunshine where Hannah immediately climbed a tree to be a squirrel !!
Then found this beautifully decorated tree outside the Arts Cafe,
and finally kicked off her shoes and ran around barefoot on the grass - she loves grass and isn't a big shoe fan so eagerly awaits this moment each year :-)
On the way out of the park we spotted a real squirrel in a tree, he was just staring at us!
And finally we called into the shops to get a few bits and Hannah chose a puppet sewing kit which she did in the bike trailer on the way home. Aren't they cute?


Woolly Wanderer said...

Always smiling!! Mind you no wonder she has such a happy and fulfilling life!

Does Hannah ride in a trailer tot type carrier? You must be very fit towing her and any assorted toys and books! Any chance of a photo shot next time you are out?!!!

With love San xx

Jessica said...

You guys always seem to be having a great time.I think we might have to try that egg idea..bouncing eggs sound like a lot of fun.