Friday, 18 March 2011

Writing and Spelling

This week i rashly decided that our dining table was much too big (it really was!!) and i freecycled it. My plan was to get a smaller one from freecycle, but so far nothing has come up so Hannah has had to do her work on the sofa - not ideal but she's given it her best shot!

She has been working very hard on her writing and spelling this week and is getting a lot more confident. I think she has really surprised herself :-)

I bought her some proper crayola handwriting pens to use in her journal and this was her first entry written in ink.

She has also been working through her handwriting workbook - this page was a 'look at the pictures and write your own sentence' exercise.
Some cursive number practice.
and choose the sentence.
She got a bit keen on the last picture and forgot to leave spaces in between her words, but i think she did a really good job despite that. Well done Hannah!


Ginger Nut said...

Finally we are computer virus free! Cannot believe how grown up Hannah looks, I think she's grown several inches since I was last online!!

Her cheery smile is infectious!

Hugs to you both San x

Fiona said...

Gosh her work is great. I love the dancing bees! What work books is she using?