Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tuesday 8th March

Tuesday started with Hannah doing some of the new write on wipe off workbooks we had found in Asda (Walmart). They are very cute Disney themed books and Hannah had fun with them, although they weren't all that challenging seeing as how they had an age 6-7 indicator on them. Still she enjoyed them and as our new workbook order hasn't arrived yet they filled a gap.

Then it was time for home ed group.

Tuesday was also pancake day, so we went off to our home ed group for some pancake fun. Hmmm, it seems Hannah wasn't in a pancake kind of mood (i have no comprehension of this as i have NEVER not been in a pancake kind of mood), but no, Hannah didn't want pancakes, she wanted..............raw sprouts lol!! Really, she had raw sprouts for breakfast and refused all attempts at getting her joining in with the pancake feast!! Still, it was a lovely day and she had fun in the playground with her friends. After group we went over to Victoria Park to wait for our ride home and there was more playing in the sun, and lots of flower and new leaf spotting. Hannah loves Victoria park, it is a lovely peaceful haven right in the city centre.

English Workbook
Playing in Victoria Park.

Lots of lovely daffodils
Balancing on the stones around the flower beds - she does this every visit!

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