Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bikes and Barbies

One of Hannah's Christmas presents from Santa was a new bike. It's much lighter than her old one and the brakes work (yaay for brakes!) so she is really enjoying cycling around on it. Yesterday went on a long ride in the very windy afternoon and she did really well!

Today she has spent most of the day building a Barbie world. She has such a lot of Barbie toys, most of them rescued from charity shops or picked up at the recycling plant and they don't often get a lot of play but today they were all out!!

First she set up their house,

Then the Mini Mart and they went grocery shopping. I love that the sales assistant is wearing a princess ball gown!

Then it was time for Barbie School!

Hanging out at the lockers!!

And finally i managed to get in there and reorganise it all to make it easier to play with in future!
Four pretty big storage containers later it was all done, dolls and clothes in one, baby things, mini-mart and Barbie school in another, household furniture, and finally horses, cars, bikes and boats!

Is it possible we have too much Barbie do you think??


KP Nuts said...

Wow!! I must show S - we have picked up much of our barbie stuff pretty cheapily too,

Lily said...

Hi, just surfing and came across your site.

No you don't have too many Barbies! This set up is similar to ours (4 large boxes full, organised by theme). Similar to you, ours don't get taken out that much either!

barbika said...

CooL :D