Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Still Here!!

We're still here! We lost our internet service 9 days ago and it only just got fixed today, so sorry for the lack of posts!

Anyway, we had a relatively quiet week as I wasn't well (horrible coughing virus!) so you didn't miss much, but Hannah did entertain us by making a puppet theatre and puppets from a box and some card. She did it all herself, and then made up a play called 'I love you'. The puppets are our family and the play was about us all going out on a country walk and picnic - it was so cute!

She also started working on a Social Studies workbook that her friend sent her. I have been reading alot about unschooling, and would be happy to move away from curriculum based learning with Hannah, but she really does seem to like it. She picked this workbook up and decided to do it for herself - she really enjoyed it and talked for ages about our neighbourhood and lifestyle after reading about those things in the book. She also discovered Mental Arithmetic this week and has been endlessly asking for problems to solve!

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