Sunday, 8 January 2012

Indoor Camp-out!

Hannah loves camping and has this play tent that she likes to hang out in, but has been asking for a sleeping bag since we went camping in the summer. Well, we found a lovely childrens bag in the sales last week and she was so excited that she set up camp in the school/dining room with her American Girl dolls.

She had a really fun time, and can't wait to go camping again for real :-)


KP Nuts said...

Indoor camping sounds cool to me!
Winter really is hard for home edders isn't it? Last year I organised indoor olympics and made a huge den under the table.

Lynn said...

Hmmm...I notice Hannah's snack box is looking a little 'light' ;-) xxx

Susie said...

Katie, it is hard - there are so many out door things she wants to do but there's a limit to how cold and wet i can get!
Lynn, i can't think where all those snacks went, although i reckon two little boys might have some idea lol xx

Jessica said...

Might be time to make indoor smores:)