Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Little Bit Of School

We've been getting back into the rhythm of 'school' this week after a few busy weeks out and about!

Hannah has been practising her story writing skills with this story sheet i found on a Berenstain Bears website ( Hannah loves Berenstain Bears!)

She has also completed the next section in her Alpha Omega Lifepac Math and completed the self test,
Before moving on to the next section.

And she has used the computer to play some games - Moshi Monsters is her new favourite, as well as printing out activities, birthday cards and art work she has done online.

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Sarah said...

Boys have got into it too. The little toys are a pest, they're INCREDIBLY painful to stand on!
And they seem to keep making new characters rather than using old ones so I keep getting at least 5 emails a day from them.