Saturday, 14 January 2012

Home Education Trip To The D-Day Museum

Yesterday Hannah and i went to The D-Day museum in Southsea with our home ed group. Hannah found the museum pretty scary on the whole, she did look around most of it and definitely learned something about her grandma's childhood (my mum was 4 when WW2 started) but we didn't go into it in too much depth as Hannah can be very sensitive and worries a lot!

The visit started with a short film about the war, then we walked around the exhibitions,

This is President Franklin Roosevelt, General Dwight Eisenhower and Prime Minister Winston Churchill planning the D-Day Invasion
Hannah and her friend Melissa
A mock camp

US Army - spot the Hershey Bars!

Operation Overlord in progress

Melissa, Hannah and Oliver
Injured troups in Normandy on D-Day ( Hannah hated this bit but still managed to pose for a picture lol).

This is me!!
Sparkle Kitty

And that was the end of our visit! Maybe i'll take Hannah back when she's a bit older because it was actually a really great museum and i would have loved to spend more time there looking around.


Fiona said...

I love that she took her Build a Bear.
And despite making it hard sometimes, I think it is also a joy to be raising a sensitive child.
How refreshing to read of a child so emotionally in touch with what pain and hardship is, as opposed to yet another child who is numbed by endless tv and video games, to everything.

It looks like a great day out, and one that I am sure Hannah will remember.

Jessica said...

That does look like a really good museum but I can understand poor hannah being sensitive. i was the same as a child with the mummy part of our museum here, and our girls are the same now (just dont tell them that). As she gets older things will be a little easier, hopefully.
Still I am sure she has learned loads and loads from being there.
We have tried to aviod war and conflicts too for that very reason but will be looking at world war 2 this year for the first time with Hibiscus, but she is 12.