Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Candles and Felting at Homeschooling Group

We have had a lovely meeting at our homeschooling group today. The children all made advent candles with sheets of bees wax, and then marked 25 days along it from top to bottom. We will light our candle each day in the count down to christmas.

Then we learned how to wet felt and made beads to use as tree decorations.

While we were finishing up the crafts it started to snow!! Only a light dusting, but it caused wild excitement in the playground!!!

After a lot of running around it was time to go back inside for our weekly dance session. Hannah loves this part of our meetings and asked if they could all learn some routines for christmas, so they started learning 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'.

It was supposed to be home time at 3pm, but two little girls had other ideas and embarked on a mission to make snowballs,
and they succeeded!!
Thank you to Sally for the lovely crafts today, Charmaine for the dance session and Mother Nature for the snow - it was a great day!

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