Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Fun

Hannah and i have had a lovely day together today. We haven't been shopping for ages, and haven't been toy shopping for even longer, but Hannah really needed a new helmet (she fell of her scooter last week and hit her brow bone pretty hard on the pavement - ouch!) so this morning we went to Toys R Us. That place is soooo hectic, but Hannah loved it! She was so excited looking at all the new toys, especially all the dolls and animal playsets.

Checking out the new toys!The christmas wish list is getting longer!
We did get a helmet (after at least an hour of browsing), and then it was lunchtime . Toys R Us is not actually near ANYWHERE, so we had to settle for the only food on offer - MacDonalds! Hannah was thrilled :-)
After lunch we set off to walk back to the nearest bus stop, which is about a mile away, but ended up detouring past our old house and on to Baffins Pond so Hannah could feed the ducks.

She also visited her favourite tree which she thinks looks just like the Magic Faraway TreeWhile we were doing that we missed the bus and had an hour to wait, so naturally we went to the playground.

While we were there we missed the next bus too - oops!! So we had to walk a bit further to pick up a different route. On the way we met a squirrel. He was gathering leaves to line his winter dray and was so friendly.
Hannah collected some leaves and left them at the base of the tree for him,
and then we watched while he carried them in his mouth, right to the top of the tree and
disappeared into the nest with them.

The nest is right in the centre of this picture, you can just make it out . It was a looooong way up!!
Hannah was so excited to have seen the squirrel building the dray - we are going to go back and check on him over the winter.
So, that was our sunday - hope yours was good too x


Fiona said...

It sounds like a wonderful day, and how special that Hannah got to help the squirrel collect things for his dray.
Lovely pics too - Hannah is looking very grown up all of a sudden.

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Am amazing adventure for both of you.How cute was that little squirrel? Hannah must have had a ball being able to get so close to him!

Susie said...

Fiona, i look at her and she does seem so grown-up, she's only 6 !! Where's my baby gone??

She loved the little squirrel though :-)